DryNamics 90 Days is closed for enrollment (for now)! 

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More than just a break from alcohol, DryNamics 90 Days will bolster the health of your body,  your mind, your relationships and your spirit! 

DryNamics teachings are ongoing and integrated directly into your day-to-day life. It's more than a reset; DryNamics meets you where you are and supports you as you go further.

The result? An easier and longer time abstaining from alcohol, more clarity about what you really want and the confidence to finally prioritize it!  

“I had 3 BIG goals for my year and I completed all of them during my time in DryNamics"

-Bridget M.

Sobriety as a TOOL

Enjoying sobriety is a SKILL that you can learn (and use again and again!). DryNamics 90 Days isn't about punishment – it's about maximizing the very powerful tool of NOT drinking in exchange for more of the life what you want and deserve.  

During DryNamics 90 Days, you'll release fatigue, anxiety and irritability in exchange for gaining confidence and resilience. Let us give you the support you deserve to enjoy your break from drinking, helping you repurpose that time and energy to make real progress in 2023. 

 Why do members LOVE DryNamics?

Because our classes are convenient and meaningful and because we build authentic connections with the other members of our community. 

You won't show up for DryNamics because you feel like you should, you'll show up because you want to.

“Working with Katie has changed my life, my body and my brain in ways I didn't know were possible"

-Mary N.

"DryNamics showed me a different way of adulting"

-Dacia D.


Your virtual membership includes:

  • 14 LIVE DryNamics group coaching sessions with lead coach, Katie Tomaszewski
  • Monthly one-on-one support with lead coach, Katie Tomaszewski
  • One-on-one transomatic dialogue meditation journey with meditation guide, Rangeeni
  • Private account on the Marco Polo video app for anytime support from peers and coaches
  • Private account on the Slack app to share resources and keep your coursework organized
  • 20 LIVE support sessions each month; choose from meditation, breathwork and Pilates 


  • Improve Your Gut, Improve Your Life workshop and optional 10 day challenge with ongoing support from Master Nutrition Therapist, Taylor Wessel
  • Play Big : 3-part workshop designed to get you dreaming and doing with goal coach and DryNamics Graduate, Mary Nisi
  • 25% discount on additional coaching and programming
  • Digital Schedule reminders 

Time commitment : 2-4 hours per week

Total program value : $4389

One-time payment

4 payments

"DryNamics is a low stakes, high gain, truly empowering experience"

-Annie C.

Who will benefit from DryNamics 90 Days?

  • Anyone who is curious about what they could do with their time and resources diverted away from alcohol
  • Those who are craving more space for their  dreams and looking for the REAL confidence they need to get after them
  • Busy people who are looking for a convenient way to build their community  
  • Those who benefit from working within an effective accountability structure
  • Curious folks who are eager to explore what it feels like to completely support themselves in body + mind + spirit
  • Anyone ready to cultivate a brighter perspective and more ease in 2023 and beyond!

Meet lead coach and creator of DryNamics, Katie Tomaszewski

Katie is a Chicago-based wellness educator and business owner who leads private and corporate events online and around the country. She is a certified Classical Pilates teacher, a certified Language of Breath breathworker and holds a BS in Health Sciences. In 2019, Katie began coaching habit change when she launched her 90-day sobriety challenge called DryNamics
For many years, Katie described herself as highly anxious and a "scaredy cat." She adopted the practice of pushing past her fears when she began abstaining from alcohol in 2017, completely changing her life. 
Katie knows that folks who consume alcohol have an untapped resource for gigantic transformation. She has witnessed her Drynamos make huge shifts in their lives when they take space away from drinking and instead prioritize the care of their mind, body and spirit using The DryNamics Method.

DryNamics Meditation Guide, Rangeeni

Rangeeni has been guiding DryNamics meditation groups since 2019. Rangeeni is trained in transomatic dialogue, transomatic dream dialogue, transomatic past life dialogue and Akashic reading processes and has led meditations all over the world including Mexico, where she currently resides. 
Her group meditations are an opportunity to share and investigate how we create ourselves. What stories do we tell? And are they even true? With meditation, you can redefine your reality and redefine your truth because meditation supports your own unique experience of living. 

DryNamics Nutritionist, Taylor Wessel

Taylor Wessel is a Master Nutrition Therapist who has been working in the field of Holistic Nutrition for over 13 years. Her 3 part philosophy is simple : 
1. Nutrition should not be boring or restrictive
2. It definitely doesn't look the same for every person 
3. Adapting to new habits can feel playful and easy!
No fad diets or quick fixes here- Taylor's approach is all about small and sustainable changes. She's incredibly knowledgeable and works with all populations and every dietary need that's out there. Taylor is especially passionate about helping those struggling with burnout, adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism. 

DryNamics Goal Coach, Mary Nisi

Serial entrepreneur and DryNamics graduate, Mary Nisi founded her DJ company, Toast & Jam, in 2005 and they've provided the soundtrack for thousands of events in Chicago and beyond. Mary is a founding member of the Chicago Independent Radio Project (CHIRP) and currently hosts "The Noonday Underground." Since Mary stopped drinking, she launched A Mary Nisi Production, a business consultancy and the podcast "All Up In My Lady Business," where she interviews women business owners on the slings and arrows of running a business with the boot of the patriarchy at our throats.
Free from drinking for over a year, Mary's kicking ass and taking names, that would be your name and your ass - up to the next level!



Join our Email List!

DryNamics 2023 is closed for enrollment. Join our mailing list and be notified when the next group opens as well as lead coach Katie's other wellness offerings : virtual fitness and meditation classes, in-person workshops and events, coaching groups and more!